Thursday, December 21, 2017

Free Gift Card Holder File

I did not have time to make greeting cards for my staff this year, but I wanted to present them with gift cards in a novel way. Dreaming Tree has a free file to create a clever pop up gift card presentation. I made an assortment.

In the upper left is the prototype but I was rushed for time so fussing about with ribbon was a challenge. I discovered I could affix these pins, that I picked up at Winners, to close the pouches and skipped the ribbon on the rest.

I forgot to take a photo of the inside which is elegant and clever, so pop over to the Dreaming Tree site to see that and if you have an electronic cutting machine, be sure to snag this freebie!

And here is a card I made this year that made me smile. It is very simple, for my great niece who is only 18 months old. The penguins are mounted on Action Wobbles so they shimmy and make me laugh. I hope they make her laugh, too!

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