Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 2

I have done all the techniques covered in Day 2 of CC102. I must say, I need to develop a better water flicking wrist action than what I've got going on right now! Tim Holtz makes it look so easy...

Day 2 was all about stencils, specifically Tim's Layering Stencils. I don't own any of those but I do have plenty of other stencils on hand so decided to make do. I think the first and last ones are my favourite effects - but I definitely need more practice! Can't write more - I am busy playing with the Day 3 techniques. Stay tuned. 
Mixed Media Layering

Machine Embossing With Stencils

Distress Embossing Through Stencils

Stencil Stamping
Stencil Sketching

Ink Monoprint
Paint Monoprint

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pmstamper said...

Hi there - especially like how your monoprinting turned out, but all of them look just great! I am in class as well. It is just too much fun and so much to learn. Thanks for sharing your pictures.