Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick and Easy Quietfire

This is totally cheating. I mean, I know I should feel bad because these cards were so easy and required so little from me - but they turned out well and it is great to have some cards on hand that are done up for those card emergencies that crop up.

Each card was a pre-printed card with a large central blank frame begging for some stamped love. I picked up boxed sets of these cards and envelopes at Michaels for a song.

Quietfire Design rubber stamps are so lovely - featuring Suzanne Cannon's gorgeous calligraphy - that I think they are perfectly suited to this treatment. The frame enhances the verse rather than overpowering or detracting.

On the first two cards I just stamped a verse directly in the frame, but on the last one, (perhaps feeling guilty at how easy those were) I fussy cut the blank canvas away and inserted a stamped quote on coral paper to provide a bit more colour. I think I will make up a set of these and gift box them for someone special. They certainly would be easy to mail with no bulky layers or embellishments. Thanks for stopping by!


gene said...

what a great you shouldn't feel came up with the idea!!!!

Anyone would love to receive the cards...they are beautiful


Quietfire said...

I just love it when cards are easy! These are awesome! Thanks for using the rubber stamps!

Wanda H said...

Wow!!! They do make very nice cards!!!