Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Parade of Silhouettes

I recently took a class called Silhouettes at a local stamp store. I thought I was going to learn about stamping with these solid stamps.

They are all the rage right now and Waltzingmouse Stamps just released a number of cameos so I thought a class might be in order. I hoped to learn about the stamps and what types of inks and papers are best suited to get successful images.

Alas, this was not that type of class. Instead, this was a cardmaking session, with pre-set card designs and pre-cut layers. All we did was stamp and complete. There was no discussion or information shared about the best types of inks and papers, or techniques, to use.

As I rarely take stamp classes, I forgot to pack any sort of adhesive in my tool kit. So I created the layers, but did not attach anything. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because when I got home, I was able to put the cards together in ways I preferred, and embellish them with gems, etc. Plus I got finished earlier and so could leave earlier. (I had a ferry to catch so that was a good thing.)

I think for beginner stampers this might be a great class - we finished 9 cards in under 2 hours. For me, though, it was frustrating as I was looking for education, not a session in copying someone else's designs - lovely though they were. Ah well, lesson learned! Thanks for visiting today.


{Lynn - that's me!} said...

Well, at least you came out of it with lots of cards. That's the danger of taking classes - you never really know what you will get until you are there.

I never heard of a silhouette class. Maybe you could teach one. =) One that educates instead of just copies.

ms.espresso said...

Your cards turned out very pretty, though! And your post is a good reminder to me... maybe I should teach a Silhouette class, I love the techniques you can do with that style of stamps :)