Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Snowflake Bokeh, Baby!

The second Waltzingmouse Pajama Party Challenge is "Snow is Falling" and I had this concept, but my execution may not be ideal.
Wouldn't it be lovely if we could bottle up winter snow and send it south to those who have to gather around the light-strung cactus to sing Noel?

In the process of making this card, I had some challenges. The navy cardstock I chose was actually very porous and seemed to suck up the white pigment ink that is usually crisp and clear for me. Then I accidentally smudged some of the ink. What's a girl to do? I deliberately smudged more of the flakes and called it Bokeh!

A glitter pen, glitter marker, silver marker and finally glue and loose glitter were employed in an attempt to get some shine on this card. It is actually pretty in real life - but the camera does not pick up the shine.


Tosha Leyendekker said...

How creative and clever Charmaine!! Your jar full of snowflakes is fabulous! A definite thumbs up to your Bokeh technique. I had actually never heard of it before...guess I've been hiding under a rock. But you had me curious and I've been researching. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

I love your card - I grew up in Sydney and we had to spray fake snow if we wanted snow as Christmas falls in the middle of summer. I hope you don't mind if I CASE this - it would be a great way to send some north hemisphere atmosphere to my family and friends down under.

Jeanne J said...

This is so cute and clever - another one I just never saw coming. You are keeping me on my toes today girl! Amazing!

Julia Aston said...

Love your magical jar of escaping snowflakes Charmaine! and the tag looks wonderful!

Marybeth said...

Wow , what a wonderful creation! Love that jar of snowflakes!