Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Christmas Present!

I got the neatest present for a stamper this year and wanted to share. My daughter got it for me and I am tickled she came up with something so thoughtful and practical and craft-related (the latter being tough as she is not into crafts).  Ta-da!

Now before you think I have lost my marbles - let me explain - I am using it to hold my heat embossing tool. Like so:

If I ever get back to soldering I can use it for my soldering tool, too. It is heavy silicone, heat resistant to 500 degrees F and it adheres to the table top without adhesive or suction cups. I wasn't sure it would adhere to my roughed up wood work table surface, but it is working just fine.

If you are interested in one, you can visit Mine is the "deluxe" model which is the smaller, cheaper of the two listed. It easily holds my 9-inch Marvy heat tool. If you are a boring non-crafting person, you can use this to hold hair appliances like curling irons and flat irons. But for stampers, it's da bomb!


Robyn said...

Oh goody! A new accessory.
Thanks Charmaine

Lindart said...

Awesome. Charmaine! Just put it on my Amazon Wish List! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!