Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mixed Media Collage

Recently I took a Mixed Media Collage Workshop at my local stamp store Stampers!, with pewter/metal artist Elitia Hart from Alberta. I had taken foundational classes with her last year and was happy to have an opportunity to take a project-based class with her.

Elitia provided us with 9 inch square pieces of masonite covered with lovely art paper featuring antique French postal marks. This gave us a sturdy base to apply our tooled metal. We used a Ten Seconds Studio mold to create a basic grid pattern that we then filled with some metal embossing, more of the art paper, coloured ink jet transparency art images, and patinaed copper which Elitia also provided.

I followed Elitia's design and sample fairly faithfully as I wanted to focus on technique. I added the Swarovski crystals, above, and an embossed black background mat, below, once I got home, but the rest was pretty much as Elitia instructed. I look forward to trying some other collages using stamped images and other mixed media ideas.

If you have an opportunity to take a class with Elitia, don't hesitate! She is a lovely, generous teacher with a supportive nature. She'll even help fix your odd boo-boo, as I can attest!


ms.espresso said...

What a beautiful project, looks like some amazing textures there! Sounds like you had a fantastic time in class :)

Elitia Hart said...

It looks lovely Charmaine! Well done! I would like to see the project that you are going to do with this mold on the Ikea mirror frame-I am sure it will be gorgeous!

Karen said...

What a stunning piece of art! The colours just glow and the metal adds such wonderful lustre. Gorgeous!

Therese said...

Love this textured metal collage!! Great job!! You can probably use your embossing folders in your die cutting machine to emboss your metal as well. Consider that foil backing dishes are reasonably priced at discount stores and provide a LOT of metal for playing with!!


Charmaine Stack said...

Yep Therese - the copper panels in this piece were made that way by embossing the vintage design in an embossing folder in the Cuttlebug.