Saturday, June 26, 2010

Burnished Velvet

I recently attended a few classes at my local stamp store, Stampers!, to get better at the Burnished Velvet Technique. This is a technique that involves strong double-sided tape, and GitterRitz micro-fine glitters. After the glitter is rubbed into the tape, it feels soft like velvet and sparkles like crazy; two features which you won't be able to discern due to the limits of scanners and computer screens!

A close-up of the glitteriness:

For this card, the tape was exposed and then masks were laid down and selectively removed to colour in the flowers and leaves.

For the card above, I used a die set from Cuttlebug to create the tape base from a sheet of double-sided tape. Various parts of the tape liner were peeled away to apply the green and navy glitters.

The instructors, Deanna and Haroldine, are an example of women entrepreneurs who love what they do and have found two are better than one: Deanna is the glitter gal and Haroldine is the tape lady. When the two of them combined forces, Burnished Velvet was born.


Ruby's Girl said...

Charmaine these are very lovely cards! I have not used glitter like that only small beads so this is a wonderful idea. Thank you, you always have interesting blog posts with beautiful cards. Inspiring!

Andrea Ewen said...

Wow! These are both absolutely elegant! What a great idea, I'm going to have to try this, thanks for sharing!

Tolegranny said...

I like this. Very nice.

Sandie R said...

I'm running behind this morning (holiday for the long weekend) but just had to check out these cards. Charmaine they are gorgeous! I think I should give this a try but I'm afraid I'll have glitter everywhere.

Catrick said...

Aren't these two ladies a blast!

My hubby seems to think I spend more time at Haroldine's store than I do at home...I wonder where he got that idea from?

You have now joined the world of crafters who will never look at something again without wondering, "Can I Burnish Velvet this?".


lizzie said...

very nice!

Anonymous said...

Really good post!