Thursday, January 3, 2013

My WMS Sketch Challenge Faves

Stamper extraordinaire Pauline Pollington had a fun idea to go back and revisit some of her own cards that she has posted in the past for the weekly Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenges (which are sadly ending this week). You must go see her post - she does truly beautiful work.

This got me wondering about my own WMSC entries and I took a gander. I was surprised to see that I entered the very first of the WMS sketch challenges with this card, which also uses some WMS digital paper (photo captions link to my original posts):

The sketches were always slightly challenging, but never felt overwhelming or too complicated. There are a couple of other cards that have a special place in my heart. This one - because it was made with recycled yogurt foil seals and GLOWS in real life:

This one, because of the odd colours and that the layout is unlike anything I have ever done before or since:


This card, because it was for my daughter's birthday and *she* *really* *likes* it!
This card, because I actually won a "Top Mouse" award on the WMSC blog with it, and was so honoured and surprised:

A recap would not be complete without at least one Christmas card, because WMS are really famous for their Christmas stamps. This was a difficult one to choose as I often used the sketch to create a Christmas card.  I think this is my fave from that lot, though, and it is because it is so unusually pink, which is atypical both for Christmas and for me:
My very first time ever to follow a sketch for a card design was in April 2010, just a few months before WMSC started up. I remember thinking it was so strange - perhaps even cheating - after always winging it on my own, but I have since come to think of sketches as creative kindling, giving me the opportunity to stretch and try new things I might never have tried otherwise. The good news is there are now 129 sketches saved in the Waltzingmouse  Stamps gallery, so any time you (or me!) are feeling less than inspired, check them out!


  1. Oh Charmaine, I remember ALL of these gorgeous cards! Your yogurt foil card is so inspiring, and beautiful! I love your opera tag Xmas card, and the sheen on the label. It's so nice to see them again, a bit like seeing old friends isn't it? I hope other WMS fans have a look back on their makes too, I've loved seeing your cards again!

  2. You have sure made some gorgeous cards this year Charmaine...or I guess I should say last year! I remember your Top Mouse card...loved it and how smart you were to make the card with the yogurt tops...never would have thought of that one! Thanks for sharing your cards with us, we have to do this again next year too!

  3. Hi Charmaine - Thanks for the WM Fix - I needed it! Love your choice of cards - the bling is so satisfying!!! The last one with all the glittery goodness had me with my nose about an inch from the screen - the glittery roses on your daughters bday card, and the foil flowers - just brilliant!

  4. Love them all!!
    They are all gorgeous...
    and that pink foil...
    how incredibly creative!! :)
    So much fun to see so much beauty all in one place...
    thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Wow you started way back when.. Charmaine! These are beautiful but I have to say I am on the newer side of this maybe a year. Oh my gosh I love your yogurt pink paper that is a great idea and it looks gorgeous! I will pick that as my favorite because I love the idea too.

  6. Gosh, these are beautiful. I love the one with the interesting color combination because, well, it is interesting. And your daughter has good taste!


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